About Me

Sydney born and based, Filo/Malaysian, late 20s and works in finance.

This blog focuses on two pet loves – brunching and running. Sydney-centric, but occasionally interstate.

Life mission is to discover Sydney’s best brunch. What makes my views unique? Big appetite, value-focused, healthy-tilt and very bored of staples. Starting point with every situation is one of hunger and anger (‘hanger’).

Lorie (aka wife, missus) and Trinity (daughter) commit to a weekly visitation of well recommended haunts. She’s on the camera, I’ve got the pen. Some cafes impress, but very few.

Opinions are my own and I’m extremely hard to please.

I run over 100km per week, train in the CBD with the HuRT Squad or Inner-West near the Bay Run. I’ll race anything from 5km to 42.2km. The blog feed is my training and race reports.

Thanks for reading. Any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email: mike[at]racebrunchrepeat[dot]com

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Mike Ho (Hoey)

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