11 Months

11 Months

Timmy’s hills plus tempo near the Domain didn’t feel right. Instead, I jumped on an exclusive invite that drew JFen, Charlie, Renee, Elle and Gus down to Rushcutters for shorter sets. Sadly, no cones, a ground under repair and finally an angry groundskeeper that shoo’ed us away within 5 min! And so it was the hated circuit on poorer cousin area nearby.

Working off a 15-20s rest, I was pretty happy to bank 10x500s without completely destroying my legs.  JFen looked strong on a similar set (longer rest), whilst the others did 400s (or less). That’s sensible given they are running the Blackmore’s half.

Pacing was 3:10-3:15s. The displeasing point is despite a light week, my legs are quite tired. I can only blame the strength work (Mon/Wed) which involves Burpees and various lunge type sets.

12.5km at 4:34s. Another low mileage day. Looking forward to an easy run tomorrow, or if temp >22 degrees, a swim!

On the daughter front, Rini is 11 months. What did she get for her monthiversary? A bad skin reaction to who knows what….


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