Canberra Lead-up

Canberra Lead-up

Marathon race report to come shortly!

Meanwhile, I’ll run through the lead-up.

Friday – wharves

Pondered a rest day but I hate eating lunch at my desk. A relaxed 6km starting Barangaroo, alongside Renee and Lambert. Threw in 8 lots of 80m surges along the wharves. Renee is tapering for a 110km bike race, whilst Lambert is stubbornly racing again on an injured foot.

6km in total at 5:00s. No signs of fatigue from Thursday’s 800s. That’s a good thing.

Saturday – Lilyfield

Nervous build to Canberra now just 24 hours away. Shook out these nerves on a 40 min run in my local area. Jogged over Callum Park, settled into 10x100m strides before adding 3km. It’s too late to build fitness obviously.

7.5km in 40 min. I’ve largely managed the avoid the sluggishness that’s associated with a taper. Perhaps running every day (with strides) has a part to play.

Mid-morning, road trip with Jeet and Birchy to Canberra. The plan remains the same – listen to the legs, ignore the watch. No breakfast, no gels during the race.

Mon to Sat – a touch over 50km in total. The event will bring me up to 95km.

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