HuRTS 8x3min at Farm Cove

HuRTS 8x3min at Farm Cove

This week I’ll take 40% off what I’d normally do. I squeezed in 20 min strength work and will admit the shoulders feel a little stiff. ITB situation is not much better than the last few days. Very manageable but annoying.

Lunch – 8×3 min 

The much feared, equally loved 14x3min reps around the arc of Farm Cove. Cracking sunshine, completely offset by a stiff North Westerly which meant the back 300m of both outbound and inbound legs were brutal. Other obstacles included Asian tourists, POD, 40 odd from HuRTS and school kids on holidays.

Did a mini survey across some trusted individuals who are off to Melb in 11 days – CT, Jeet, Lambert, Barts – 6 to 10 reps was the go? Taking an average, I chose 8x. Rather than lead from the front, I worked from the back which basically meant I could draft off a few poor buggers.

Keeping a consistent 3:25s give or take, I doubt my legs give could me much more. Again, slightly disappointed how tired they feel. #8 couldn’t come soon enough! Closing out my last few reps I think I even copped a serve from figurehead Timmy who suggested next time I should not even get changed. In my demoralised state, I left the gang and conscripted Champ for a long c/d to the Harbour Bridge.

17km at 3:50s average pace. HR was peaking at 160s – not bad for me.

Looking forward to 12-14km type runs with a few run-throughs for the balance of the week.


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