Midweek Centennial

Midweek Centennial

Tight little group which included Tom, YC, Eoin, Brendan, Charlie, Champ, Pete Walker off to Centennial from the Pillars. The idea was hatched via the HuRTS Whatsapp chat. A 5 min wait at the Pillars for Renee and Kanser backfired as they were a no-show.

Route is the Mike Conway one. A detour around Garden Island then up Ocean St. I hate this route but Tommy H seemed intent on paying respects to MC. Circled CP CCW before taking a direct path back down Oxford St. Renee and Kanser turned up at the Fox Gates but it was too late.

Personally, I was happy to bank an easy 13km. The legs feel miles better than yesterday.

Happy to bank an easy 13km in 65 min. Added to the run into work (via Glebe), 20km for the day.

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