Bowery Lane, Sydney CBD (Jul-15) (♦♦♦)

Bowery Lane, Sydney CBD (Jul-15) (♦♦♦)

Bowery Lane, Sydney CBD (Jul-15) (♦♦♦)

Bowery Lane is one of few safe havens where a pork-for-breakfast fiend can rejoice.

I’m here motivated by a newfound disregard for heart-health. These guys serve a seriously mean chai tea. Soy milk on the side … you must.

My counterpart (MC) and I converge the Cuban omelette. Two blokes can’t share a Cuban, cigar or food. A double order is made each with two sides.

Cuban Omelette – pulled pork, pineapple salsa with roasted mushrooms and smashed avo – $18 + $8

Serving sizes implies RIP to five baby chickens and a hunk of a very fat pig’s leg. This is good. I grapple with the supreme promise of succulent pulled pork versus the $18 price tag (for an omelette).

Hope is short lived – two bites and the heart flat-lines. My mouth fails to detect signs of life. The biggest disappointment is cubes of non-caramelised fat. No texture, no bite, no excitement.

I am rescued by the smashed avo and juicy mushrooms. Expensive lifeboats but safe places to hide in times of need. As I write this, I don’t recall even tasting the garnish.

$26 for a mild omelette. Given this is a ‘work’ expense, I trust the ATO agrees the disappointment is tax deductible.

Now I need to up the salt intake and what better way than some prosciutto.

Scout’s Breakfast – Mushroom, roast potatoes, crispy prosciutto, poached eggs – $16

Combine the homeliness of American bacon, eggs and fried potato with the finesse of a modern quinoa salad. A great combo, curiously reminiscent of a (healthy) caesar salad.

Crispy procuitto is a double-edged sword; each mouthful so tasty yet so salty. Love how subtle the parmesan crumbs were without being too dominant. Within five bites, I’m desperate for creaminess and thankfully a burst yolk delivers.

Final bite, clean plate and I’m left sad. I confess to a $4 side of avocado … smashed, not sliced. On the flip side, extra room to try dish two (MC’s choice). I’ve rarely seen a grown man succumb so early in the day to pulled pork…

Not done yet, more pork to come but in different format.

Harlem Hash – braised pork, kale, potatoes & onions, puffed wild rice and fried eggs – $16 + $3

Succulent, delicious and best enjoyed with closed eyes. Not too heavy helped by well-textured ‘fililer’ elements in rice pops and sweet potato flakes. Personally I’d pair this with poached eggs, not fried. Perhaps a touch oily, but good enough to inspire food envy.

A very expensive lesson in pretty food and strong flavours.

– Food (♦♦♦♦) – broadly refined but cafe needs more signature dishes. Omelette was a shocker.
– Value (♦) – you could argue good value compare to Cafe Sydney?
– Other (♦♦♦♦) – clean, sleek layout, good tea bad coffee
– Overall – (♦♦♦) – almost as good as it gets in the CBD. That’s sad right?

Avoid the omelette dishes, go for the seasonal signatures.

Will I be returning?
Only on work $.

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