Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern (Mar-16) – Set Menu (♦♦♦♦♦)

Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern (Mar-16) – Set Menu (♦♦♦♦♦)

Kepos Street Kitchen, Redfern (Mar-16) – Set Menu (♦♦♦♦♦)

When confronted with two questions: ‘why do you run so much‘ and ‘what’s your top brunch pick‘? The answer is the same: Kepos Street Kitchen.

Here, you’ll find (i) the best hummus in Sydney, and (ii) well-priced, semi-experimental Middle-Eastern flavours.

Despite being visit #34, it is my first set menu experience ($35pp).

House made granola with yogurt


13 of the 14 on the table loved this toasty home-made product. I am no sheep and take the stance that granola at such a fine establishment is like traveling to Naples for Dominoes Pizza.

Brasserie bread sourdough with olive oil dip


Carb show kicks off in style. If the crust is rip-resistant, either its artisan and rustic or if it’s not your day, stale. Of course, the thick slap is freshly baked.

Hummus finished with olive oil, pine nuts and herbs


As shown, the preceding two dishes are perfect partners.


Falafel balls with green tahini dip


Exactly what is required from a fried ball of good stuff. Crispy  outside, moist inside and not too oily. I’ve seen this green dip on the Kepos Benedict. Like hummus, it’s a fail-sale upgrade to any staple. Portion-size complaint in one ball per person. That does not work with a male client.

Labne finished with  olive oil and fresh herbs


Lighter type of dip being a bowl of savoury yogurt. Not for me and in fact, if oil was absent I’d cheekily throw in some granola.

Hot wood smoked salmon salad with a soft boiled egg


Every week I will inhale this gem. Deceptively rich and imbued with heavy smokey and olive-oil flavours. It’s all about one’s love of smokey salmon, a lazy dribble of yolk and salty hits of pitted olives. I’m infatuated with this combo. Another aerial shot to incite drooling.


Soft baked eggs and tomato shakshuka, white tahini, tapenade toast


KSK absolutely nails other classics such as Benedict and B&E brioche roll. The baked eggs however, needs more innovation.

Balance and spices are fine however there’s no X-factor ingredient. As shown, at least throw in some Chorizo?


Kitchen kindly offers tapenade  toast with salted olive dip. The rigidity sort of compromises its use as a utensil for wiping the pan.

In the corner, splotches of yummy sauce are missed. Resulting emotion is dismay. I was too foolish to not save the sourdough.


Skinny flat white – we have long surpassed the calorie goal hence the choice of milk.


Masala chai tea with soy milk – possibly the only chai tea I would ever order at a cafe.


Food coma achieved after being railroaded with countless varieties of carbs, dips, spices, staples and signatures all executed perfectly.

Dish of the day?
Wood smoked salmon doused with hummus.

Any dishes to avoid?
Lamb and pine nut cigars (aka spring rolls…), Labneh (save the dairy for muesli…), carrot salad (a stack of carrots with a hunk of cheese…).


Overall, I give KSK a perfect (♦♦♦♦♦) for the #34th time. Concluding comment to the ever so accommodating owner was “you have changed my life“. I’ve only ever said that to the completely ageless missus. Happy birthday.

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