Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills (Jul-15) (♦♦)

Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills (Jul-15) (♦♦)

Mad Spuds Cafe, Surry Hills (Jul-15) (♦♦)

My lasting memory of a talking potato is a support role in Toy Story – the first and worst Pixar-Disney movie.

Mad Spuds Cafe does no favours to my irrational fear of animated spuds. The claim is a ‘quality, nutritious and healthy‘ brunch and the solid reviews suggest a no-frills, hip-friendly feed.

Waitress points me to Vegan Stack … not as ‘healthy’ as one would think.

Vegan Stack – Potato & lentil patty, avocado, tofu, Boston beans, corn bread, grilled tomato,roasted quinoa – $16

Various elements do not complement. A stingy avo serving frustrates me, as does the lack of quinoa. My response is to dethrone the green villain with a stolen poached egg (from dish #2).

Beans worth the cost? No – these legumes lacked the kiss of spice.

Certain similarities to Heinz beans albeit some bean size variations. I rejoice seeing a large one then realise they taste the same. Portion is 50% of a 400g can, so where did the rest go?

Next up is a signature, evidenced by the name.Mad Pan Brekkie – boston beans, pork sausage, hash brown and a poached egg – $16

Consider this a cross between chorizo baked eggs and an IKEA big breakfast. Notably two ugly looking sausage logs sitting on yes, the remaining 50% of the beans.

Hash brown, sausage and beans is best left to the Swedish furniture experts.

A standard conclusion to a good baked eggs is a bread wipe-down of the sauce …With stale bread, the only wiping is the tears from my cheeks.

At least the flat white tasted OK. I may have detected a hint of potato in the coffee blend.

Both harsh and generous in my scores:

– Food (♦♦)- lacked of freshness and technique. Not particularly tasty nor healthy.
– Value (♦♦♦♦) – I like the pricing. Good calorie to dollar ratio.
– Other (♦♦) – lightning service, alarmingly like fast-food.
– Overall (♦♦) – rudimentary food quality.

Departing sentiment is one of dismay. The culprit is blind hope rather than a misrepresented menu. The 7 day wait till my next brunch will be a painful one indeed.

Wife came away a lot happier than I, shown below. I credit this to the pork sausage. Preference to show wife’s face noting the cafe score.

Will I be returning?

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