Pinbone, Woollahra – Last Supper (Aug-15) (♦♦♦♦♦)

Pinbone, Woollahra – Last Supper (Aug-15) (♦♦♦♦♦)

Pinbone, Woollahra – Last Supper (Aug-15) (♦♦♦♦♦)

If there exists a food obituary, then this is it. Pinbone shuts shop. The Sydney food scene will rapidly fall from grace.

Please find me a joint that offers a technical, delicious and filling brunch dish under $20.

A last visit has five of us – well suited given my need for a broad sample set. After a 90 min run, 35 min wait I can only distract myself with pretty coffee art.

Finally the first dish is served. Creamed corn fregola – a chef signature of legendary reputation.

Fregola, creamed corn, poached egg – $18

I taste sweet corn in rough, congee-like stew. Beyond my comprehension and my only critique is it is ridiculously tasty.

Next up is my personal pet dish, pumpkin congee.

Malted brown rice congee with mushroom, pumpkin and a poached egg – $18

Impossible to trump this order. Everything compliments and ultimately, the power of molten pumpkin cannot be denied.

Looks small but remarkably, my stomach is well lined. 5/5

Prawn and egg white omelette – the fine diner’s choice. Add the bread, even if you are a Coeliac.

Egg white omlette with prawns, pork floss and chilli – $18

Prawns melt in the mouth, chilli and pork floss excite the tongue. To the first-comer, we are in uncharted territory. Very light dish without the help of carbs. Good bread-to-pan wipe down opportunity delivering 5/5 again!

I have to google what this is…

Bubble & Squeak with a fried egg – $16

Convert a Sunday night Irish roast into breakfast form. Earthy flavours, aggressive chopping job but not quite ground-breaking. 8/10.

Baked beans on toast. I mentally disown my sister for such a rookie choice. She’s better off visiting the IKEA food court.

Baked beans with spicy tomato sauce and fried eggs on toast – $18

Sister taps out 70% through and I get 30%. She’s back on the family tree.

This is the modern-day Jack and the Beanstalk situation – I’d happily sacrifice a cow for these beans. Note how chunky, caramelised sauce magically hugs each bean like a mother clutches onto her newborn. Breathtaking.

The chef’s are not shy with spice shakers – I taste cumin and chili. Executed perfectly, but boring. 8/10.

I’m the guy that checks the bill even on his wedding day banquet. Today, I didn’t even blink when flashing the AMEX.

Overall (♦♦♦♦♦). Best I’ve ever had

A few final food photos below.

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