10 turned 30

10 turned 30

Who actually takes the bait on an out-of-the-blue 6:20am text – ‘Bay Run, see you in 10?‘  Neil Pearson in a 200km/week training cycle.

Started at the boat ramp near Le Montage suggesting 10-15km would suffice. NP guided to 20km but I was reluctant to over-promise and under-deliver. Started CCW at 5:10s complaining over tired legs then comparing notes on the week’s training. Turns out he also did 8x1ks and similar to my Thursday, 5x2kms. Happy to hear he was struggling because I was too.

1 lap done then up to Lilyfield Rd and towards the Anzac Bridge. Crossed the bridge at the 14km mark thinking 6km shy of a cold glass of coconut juice. Dodged the dog walkers around Blackwattle with a nice pace offsetting a big uptick in the temp. NP suggested a final Bay Run which is a translated 25km run. Why not.

Nice and easy again in a CCW loop this time way more crowded. Hit the canal on the west side marking 25km and a decision needed to be made. Legs were released from fatigue and I convinced NP (and myself) that 25km is a training dead-zone. Neither a recovery, nor a LR. Struggled a little with the dehydration on an added out-and-back to Para Rd. The 30km could not come soon enough after that 400m climb from the Callum Park to Orange Grove.

31km in 2:35 at 5:00s. 

Unsure if I should be drinking on these runs? Chance of a Centennial Run with HuRTS is quite low but we’ll see.

Brilliant start to the weekend, despite a hangry Lorie waiting for brunch-time as I returned home …. 60 min past my curfew.

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