100 Burpees

100 Burpees

So I have noticed twinges in the right hammy since the C2S. It comes and goes. Basically, looking back at 2015 (same issue), I can only conclude my body is not well adapted to downhill running at pace.

Morning – 20 min strength. The first 10 minutes – burpees, 100. Either I am getting better or pain tolerance is rising. Then a 6km jog into work.

Lunch – a chilly little adventure out to Barangaroo. Started with James at 12:10, some 15 min ahead of HuRTS simply because I wanted to run an easier pace. As J dropped off at Barangaroo, I picked up Richard Woo circling back around Hickson. Saw the HuRTS crew as I exited Barangaroo. Yum Cha was leading them out.

Overall, I’m surprised myself with how easy the run felt. That is before the hammy started playing up post 10km.

13km at 4:50s. 19km for the day.

I may attempt the speed set tomorrow with caution.

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