10k plus 12x120m strides

10k plus 12x120m strides

A well deserved break from something hard. Just Jac and I for what was suppose to be a recovery run around the wharves. Ran past the Pillars 5 min before the start of the HuRTS 45 fartlek and didn’t think twice about skipping it.

Did the usual easy run down to Barangaroo which was obviously a good decision in such stinking humidity.The general discussion was around long run courses that didn’t involve Centennial. Jac looked a little cooked in this weather and so it was inevitable that she’d only be good for 10k. That happened at the turn leaving me solo back to CQ.

Given I’ve been good on Tuesday of late (i.e. speed), I put some pace into the legs retracing my steps around Hickson wharves. So over that 3k stretch I did 120m (give or take) run-throughs at what felt like 80% effort. A nice way to add ‘quality’ to an otherwise lazy run.

14k at 4:30s.

Legs feel OK after today, so I should line up 1 more speed set this week.

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