10k recovery plus 10x160m sprints

10k recovery plus 10x160m sprints

Two parts to today’s run. 50 min jog with Erika out to Barangaroo and back to CQ. Erika usually has excellent running form but today she was hobbling. The issue is a hamstring strain post her Canberra Half Marathon. My advice was to stay off speed, hydrate well and get a few good massages.

That took 10k of my time before she dropped off at CQ. At this point we had just talked about keeping fitness up without actually doing speedwork. The answer is run-throughs. So that’s what I did.

10 x 160m efforts over near OPT where passengers usually board the Cruise Ships – obviously there was no cruise ship today. Started at 80% and I was sure to sprint the last one at 95%. My fast twitch muscles are non-existent so to the external viewer I was probably jogging.

10k easy, 4k of run-throughs (plus a jog back), then 1k c/d. Just shy of 15k all up.

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