1km Swim Time Trial – PB (18:18)

1km Swim Time Trial – PB (18:18)

Round #2 for the monthly swim time trial down at ABC – I missed #1. In fact, Pete Walker sends the results table around and my only two showings were Oct-15 (18:50s) and Nov-15 (18:25). And so the stage was set to log an early season benchmark.

I simply had to swim as honestly I doubt my ITB would allow more running. Jogged over, nodded to the squad which today included Pete, Champ, Eoin, Liam, Christian and a few others.

Set off in the ‘slow lane‘ simply b/c it is too demoralising to be steam-rolled by the sub 18 min guys. Fighting a leaking right goggle lense and tired shoulders from a morning of strength training, I kept a good stroke rate at mid intensity to hit 500m in 9:00. From there, technique went south shown by a 18s positive split. I suspect my underwater pull-through, and the kicking needs lots of work. In fact, my whole movement needs a rework.

1km in 18:18. 

The benefit of a blog is I can check my old PB (18:20) from Feb-16. So today was a massive 2s improvement. A 500m c/d saw me get to 1.5km. Must say, every swim I do is an instant fix to a tight ITB. I still felt sluggish, cold and dizzy on my jog back with Eoin. Small price to pay.

A recap of the morning – 30 min strength, 30 min jog to work.

Have a great weekend all. If I can drag the girls out I will be pacing at Striders.

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