20 for the day

20 for the day

Mid-week recovery day which is exactly how it played out. Nice little regular crew going in Jackie O, Coach Walker, Champ, Brendan and even Lambert back from his GC adventures. Took it upon myself to set a true recovery pace from the onset and this was quickly embraced by the group. Thus, 4:45s maintained with a fair bit of crowd dodging.

Different route skipping the wharves and circling around Darling Harbour before a cut-back across Pyrmont Bridge. A tidy 12.5km in 60 min.

Key point in a recovery run is feeling better at the end. Big tick.

20km for the day including the run in via Glebe.

If I do speed on Tues, then Thurs becomes luck of the draw. Either 20 min hills + 5km tempo (<10% probability), swim (20% probability) or easy run with some rolling hills.

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