30k with a Pram 

30k with a Pram 

Frustrated to report the problematic foot remains. Low Ks, new shoes and no racing.


Took the bike into work leaving me just the lunch window to run. Foot feels no different to yesterday so all I did was link up with HuRTS for the standard wharves recovery run. First 3k with an ever vocal Yum Cha who then proceeded to jump into the pool at ABC. Stage two was with a few of the lads that included Enda and Kevin over to Hickson. Stage three I ran into Andy Heyden who was the only one willing to run slow enough and for that I was quite thankful.

I cut out the wharves and headed straight down Hickson and back to work. No need to be out there over 60 min.

13k all up.


AM – headed down to LPAC for a few laps. Around 2k at a speed that was borderline embarrassing.

Lunch – Matt popped by to say Hi and given I hadn’t actually ran I definitely had to get that out of the system.

With the 45 min window available, we ran down to Annandale, Blackwattle before circling Wentworth Park and over the ANZAC bridge. Matt suggested a few 100m run throughs so the last 2k was a quasi fartlek. Hot and difficult by the end. Matt’s in good shape and is no doubt benefiting from his pretty benign work schedule. 

9.5k with 10x100m strides.

Legs felt heavy and there were a few pains here and there. 


Picked up the new wheels from Running Science. My feet are crying out for a chance so I opted for Zante v3s.

The decision today was whether the skip my LR on account of my chronic niggles. Instead why not reduce the Ks and increase the resistence by taking Trinity along?

After a nappy change and some pre run milk, I packed emergency biscuits and set off to LPAC to meet Tym and 5 of his Woodstock Runners group for a 20k. I’d say it took 2k for the stuff legs to warm up.

Pram felt better today but the darn thing still veers to the right. Lucky the set pace was 4.50s and 80pc of the time we were on flats. First 10k in the Leichhardt area before shooting out to Fish Markets via Blackwattle Bay. From there Tym decided to hobble home once again secumbing to injury whilst his mates beehived into the CBD where I was told stairs would be involved.

Trinity and I went on solo at 4.50s pace clocking up Ks in the quiet morning around Pyrmont and Darling H boardwalks. Legs started to tire around the 20k but I was inspired by Trinitys babbling. Observed a fair few Striders in the area which I later learnt was because the STARS started and ended at Annandale.

Found the Woodstock crew coming back through Hickson and I did my best to hang on as they led me back around Pyrmont and across ANZAC bridge.

Those last two hills, the corkscrew climb as well as Victoria Rd really wore me down but by then I knew 30k was highly achievable.

Chuffed to complete my long run with a pram. And she did just fine clearly enjoying being fed emergency biscuits at the 12k and 20k mark.

30k in 2.35 at 4:50s pace.

Pulled up a little sore but the question is how I feel tomorrow morning.

Here is my brunch today at Revolver. Great way to refill the tank.

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