3x2k Reps

3x2k Reps

Tuesday – 3x2k Reps

One of my more favoured sets in the HuRTS calendar. I like the steady pace of a 2k rep and the fact that it’s really just 3 or 4 reps. Jogged around the OH slowly from noon, waiting for 12:25pm to arrive. Big crowd today though upfront I sensed I would be working with just 3 other guys – Quentin, Heyden and Crossy.

Legs were quite tired today (Sunday was 35k, Monday was 14k + 7k). This meant all I had to do was 3 reps, maybe HM pace (3:20s). In the end, I worked off Quentin’s shoulder who himself was moving well. The four of us formed group 1 generally targeting 6:30 for each rep.

To summarise, #1 drafting, #2 co-lead and #3 leading myself. I was happy to pull the pin there given my progressive splits of 6:30, 6:24, 6:23.

Closed out with a 3k c/d with Biggsy and Sam Towill both of whom did 3k reps. 14k all up. Really pleasing to see such a good turnout today.

Wednesday – out

Can’t say I did much today aside from a walk. Didn’t even make it into work due to a stomach bug – essentially Trinity, Lorie and I have been sent home. Off to Brisbane tonight for a few days of work meetings. Hopefully I’ll be right to explore the river.

In general, I’m happy with how the legs are feeling.

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