45 min Fartlek – 3,2,1 with 60s rest

45 min Fartlek – 3,2,1 with 60s rest

A strange one: 5 x 9 min consisting 3,2,1 min efforts with a 60 float. On pace is between 10k to 21.1k intensity, off say 30s/k slower. It’s fun because you are mentally engaged for 45 min.

For me, 3 weeks since my last speed set and wobbly just 48 hrs after a tough Sunday LR. I’m thinking at 11am ‘lower intensity, 30 min is OK, the rest is upside‘.

Whilst the bulk of the team rallied around the typical flag bearers (Timmy, Enda, Conway, Jeet etc), the ranks upfront were scarce.

Started slow and it took 2km to catch the reliable duo of Fats and JFen. This was the lead train at 3:30s which post CQ, was mine to steer. Conservative front half reaching 400m into Barangaroo, maybe 6.2km at then 22:30 turn.

Now comes a net uphill and post CQ, a baffling headwind. Neg split was too much to ask my two allies hence I was on my own.

‘On’ pace felt mid 3:20s, ‘off’ similarly more intense. Rhythm came together and the 2km stretch from Farm Cove to ABC was where I scalped the peleton. Rejoiced when that final climb aligned with an ‘off’ cycle! Then the last 1 min ‘on’ involved a failed chase of a resurgent Frenchman (he’s too good). With 50s to spare at the Pillars, I used Hospital Rd to round out 45 min.

12.5km in 45 min. 3:33 min/km ave pace. I’m happy.

I did spot walkers after 40 min and even a corner cutter. You know who you are…

Big day for me and a confidence boost. 5km jog to work, 14km at lunch, 5km jog home. 24km.

Easy rest of week for me.

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