5 Bridges

5 Bridges

Now the 2nd week where I’ve taken a Saturday off such that Sunday LR is pleasant. Last week was a fail (in terms of actually feeling better) and this week similar.

Arranged to meet Nick, Neil and Jac at 6am, King Georges Oval which in hindsight is too early. Took me a few Ks to get going but there’s no doubt I still have Tues/Thur sessions weighing me down. Was moving OK (at 5:00s) by the time we hit Gladesville Bridge then the hills really start to bite as you cross into North Shore.

Down River Rd and past the Striders’ STAR meeting point where it intersects with Longueville Rd (9km mark). Had to grind out quite a lot of undulations heading over to North Syd and was quite thankful the pace was slow.

We picked up Fats at Milson’s Point (who almost looked lost) and together we saw out the last 10k around CQ, Hickson Rd and Blackwattle Bay. For the first 20k, my left Achilles was completely silent (has it healed?). Once I hit Hickson, it was definitely complaining. Poor Jac was clearly in the hurt locker but managed to hold on OK coming into Leichhardt. The rest of the bunch did just fine today but everyone felt the humidity.

32k at 5:07s. I was clearly dehydrated today as it’s rare that I am so thirsty during my run. Also, I will need to see out this sore ankle before I continue with speed work next week.

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