6 Weeks

6 Weeks

6 Weeks

Monday – Wharves

Cross-training in the morning for 30 min. Conway has given me a few ideas to enhance the routine but what he doesn’t realise is I don’t have a chin-up bar. Ran with the HuRTS bunch at lunch. Most of the time I sat mid-pack, talking with the two Brendans. Legs felt a little wobbly from Sunday but not enough to stop me covering 14k.

Tuesday – Pyrmont

Love this run. I go around Hickson Road, join Sam Towill around the Pyrmont wharves. We finish up with 10x80m run-throughs on the lawn outside Fairfax building. This is a 13k run with enough speed work to maintain fitness. After those run-throughs, I felt way better.

Wednesday – City 2 Surf

The sniffles continue, but not enough to back down from a C2S recon run. Bloody cold today, so much so I put the arm warmers on to which Timmy Lindop was quick to make fun of. By 2k, the rain and wind meant this was one of the best decisions I have made in 2017. Anyway, it was Timmy, Jac and later Lambert and Renee slugging it up Heartbreak Hill. I managed to follow Lambert up the hill who decided to tempo. It was a small victory overtaking him just before the end!

Return journey went better than expected. I broke off from the group near Rushcutters and elected to run over King’s Cross Hill with Lambert.

16k all up in 80 min.

Elle has just turned 6 weeks old, though I confess I’m yet to warm up to her largely due to her inability to sleep.

Purely for comparison purposes, this was Trinity (or Rini) at the same age.

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