60 min Progressive Tempo

60 min Progressive Tempo

Some thoughts over the last few days chatting to the likes of Tom, Conway, Timmy etc. Nothing to race till August (C2S). A detour in the program involving some cross-training could do me well. Mentally and physically.

AM: strength + jog

Finally acquired the right Kettlebell weight (16km). It’s bloody heavy and all I could manage in a mini HIIT 15 min set was the basics: swings, deadlift and squads. Added to the usual burpees.

Strapped on the shoes and jogged 7km into work with sore shoulders. Noticed the onset of a sore threat.

Lunch: progressive 60 min

Yes, 4 coffees did not cure the sore throat. The calendar had 4x10min intervals off 90s rest, relocated to OH gates (normally pillars). Terrible idea, with all sorts of congestion issues due to the Vivid shenanigans and Pain in the Domain.

Sat in cruise control at the back, replacing the 90s rest with a float and slowly winding up the intensity. #3 was a good chance to surge the hills whilst on #2 and #4, I finished strong around FC. Some personalities I probably ‘annoyed’ with one-way chat was Conway, Sam J, Sam T, Eoin and Renee.

I did consider myself done back around FC at #4, however the pace was 3:30s and watch said 52:XX. Why not round up to 60 and make it a progressive tempo? That’s what I did, the finish point being near Four Seasons (end of CQ).

15km at 4:00s. This makes 22km for the day.


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