6x500s and 2km tempo

6x500s and 2km tempo

Friday – wharves

A toasty close to the week left me considering a swim. After a msg from Yum Cha asking to run the wharves, I took the bait. A slow start 12:15 which is 10 min ahead of the usual HuRTS pack. By Farm Cove we had picked up Sonya, then Birchy at Hickson Rd. From there, all 3 dropped off with YC the last to go near the boom gates. All I heard was mutters of ‘roll’ and maybe ‘spring’ and noted the direction to Hunter Connection.

I then managed to catch Brendan, Frenchman and Eoin back around Barangaroo where we closed out a good 13km.

Felt pretty flat today. Left the bike at home and figured a 5km jog home would heal lethargic legs. Not so.

18km for the day. 

Saturday – 6x500s and 2km tempo

Yet to log my speedwork for the week (Tuesday meeting, Thursday lazy)! It was time and so I took Molly down to KG Oval near Iron Cove Bridge.

Mapped out a 250m boomerang shaped area which avoided nasty waterlogged sections. With an out and back, that is 500m.

6x500m at 3:35s and a standing 30s rest in between. This should technically feel very comfortable and yet I struggled. Added a 2km at 3:30s essentially eliminating the rest to get the session up to 5km. In theory my mara pace, in reality the feel was 10k pace. Key conclusion is I can’t do intervals myself.

6km c/d running CCW around the Bay Run. To make it exciting, I knew in 10 high knee plus heel kick reps (20) every 500m

12km for the morning. 

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