7k Fartlek in Pyrmont

7k Fartlek in Pyrmont


Eased back on my ambitions to do the Tues/Thurs double because my legs are sore.

So with Yum Cha back from Japan we headed out for an easy 10k which is all he confessed he was capable of. ‘3k heavier’ was the excuse.

Went around the Wharves, touched the Greendoor at Barangaroo then over into Darling Harbour where we dodged the tourists. By the time we were near Fairfax, YC was cooked and left me solo.

Legs felt better at this stage so I put in a sold 200m on, 200 off out to Jackson’s Landing and Back. Initially I wanted just to do a few, but clocked up a solid 7k all the way back into the city.

That means it was 10k w/u, 7k fartlek (or 20x200m strides). 17k all up in 80 min. The 200m ‘on’ bits were at 80% effort (typically 40s).

I could this as speedwork, though maybe it was not sensible. Achilles has pulled up quite sore after a massage from Lorie (thanks Lorie).

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