8 x 3.5 min at Farm Cove

8 x 3.5 min at Farm Cove

8 x 3.5 min at Farm Cove

Very obvious on my 6km jog into work via Blackwattle my legs were not ready for a difficult 45 min fartlek at lunch (60 on, 30 off). Post the weekend, left knee is little wobbly amidst the usual niggles. I do love sets with the team but all it takes is a showing from Tom, Barts, CT or Crossy and I’ll probably take the bait.

Brendan Yum Cha heeded my call for help for a more mild gate-to-gates at Farm Cove. Made it up as I went but largely, 3 1/2 min on then a 60s float, 8 reps in total. HuRTS zoomed past on #3, then back as I was cooling down. Usual upfront suspects were MIA today….

With YC tackling 800s, my set was closer to butchered 1k reps. Started at 3:45s (#1-2) then as the legs loosened, sub 3:30s by #6. Nice surprise hitching a ride with Barts on #7 at 3:20s which was my peak effort. Barts was disinterested to help me on #8 but by this stage, I was in the zone and could have continued. Set ended at 8 with YC eagerly calling it a day. He sheepishly beehived straight to the spring roll shop at Hunter. Not a lie.


9.5km in 35 min  at 3:40s ave pace.

Not bad considering 7 min at an easy 4:15s type float. Just the right trade off between speed for the week (tick) and not over-training (tick).

19km for the day if you add the various junk of warm-up, cool-down and 1 way commute. Tomorrow, nice and easy with the crew.

Photos from the Striders 10km are up.

Front row tickets for Fats, Eoin, Neil, Macca, Timmy and myself.


Rating my chance of shaking the baggage coming up to the 4km mark.


Lonely days in the back half.


The official HuRTS #1 in Timmy Lindop. Ranked not on time, but on spirit.


Tough day at the office but full marks for an avoided DNF.


Ireland’s toughest guy Macca being chased down by Ireland’s nicest guy Eoin.


Another water bottle….


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