8km plus Strides

8km plus Strides

Fell off the bike this AM as I transitioned from a wet road to the shared path near St Mary’s Cathedral. Lucky the pavement was smooth, else I’ll be in a much worse state.

The good news is my legs are starting to feel fresh (first time in recent memory). This was so obvious at lunch during an 8km recovery with YC.

Started CQ, out the end of Hickson Wharves then back around OH. Saw the HuRTS team on the 45 progressive tempo at CQ (outbound), then back at Farm Cove (return). The ranks looked thin upfront, but strong attendance towards the back. Separately, Tom/Erika and later Barts were spotted in secret training mode.

Noting some soft grass near the OH gates begging for some love, it was time for some strides. Thus, after 7km I coerced YC into 10x120m with a little float in between. A great way to finish. No signs of injury from my earlier fall.

10km in 50 min.

Photos from pacing Striders last Saturday.

12901110_1104500042935948_6337064155725360587_o 12957466_1104500396269246_5730849794358355207_o

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