90 min Warm-up then Swim Lesson

90 min Warm-up then Swim Lesson

OK so I’m starting to understand what disruptive sleep means. The good news is my legs felt OK after yesterday’s session (plus an added 6km run with Molly in pm).

Headed out at 6:30am via Blackwattle Bay and down to Moore Park / CP. Crossed paths with Matt Ingram (on a bike) and Dave Kane bent over a bubbler. Pace an easy 5:20s for the 90 min run, covering 17km all up.

Come 8am, joined Timmy L at P.A.P for an informal swimming lesson. Surprisingly decent feedback on my stroke – I was expecting him to put me in floaties. Key lessons included (i) slow the stroke rate, (ii) extend the reach out front and glide, and (iii) include closed fist drills into each session.

Lots to work on. 1.5km all up in 30 min. Felt a bit dizzy after, mainly dehydration from 2 hrs exercise in humid conditions.

Decent coffee at Blacksmith Cafe (food menu did not inspire) with Timmy before scoring a lift home (too lazy to run). Free swim lesson + coffee + lift … contrary to popular believe, he’s not a bad bloke.

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