ABC 1km Unplanned PB

ABC 1km Unplanned PB

Back to ABC for a splash around motivated by a few foot niggles and 30 degree temps. Brief jog over with Paul Hannell crossing paths with Timmy at the entry.

The plan is always the same – 30 min fun in the medium lane. Slow and steady to start but after 100m, I felt someone caressing my toes making me nervous. What the hell? At 300m I worked out Timmy was hitching a ride which put me at ease. Continued on my merry ways where at 500m, watch read 9:10. That’s not bad.

Started to kick harder as I could feel the arms tiring. Concerted effort at 900m saw me close out 1km in 18:20. A tidy 7s PB. Could have ended it there for now it was Lindop’s turn for 400m steady. No doubt I benefited from the drafting as this was 400m in 7:00 (1:45 per lap).

Finally, another 400m with 50 hard / 50 cruise. Confused by how to swim hard – faster stroke rate, kick harder? Anyway, managed to hang on then recover on the return. Pretty buggered by the end but the positive was this 400m was faster than the prior. Ended with a 200m cool-down whilst the Eoin, Kroney and Timmy finished 100s in my lane.

All up 2km in 36 min. 

Ducked off just as the likes of Eoin, Pete Walker and Biggsy were finishing up.

Running wise, a double commute 2x6km. Can’t say the legs feel like magic today.

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