ABC 2km

ABC 2km

A chilly 19 degrees, and windy! Conditions that are borderline suicidal for swimming, in my opinion. No matter, goggles in hand I plodded over to ABC, taking a small detour to catch up with Tym. His TomTom charger has broken, whilst my watch is broken – so my charger has a new home.

A short 2.5km warm-up before taking the plunge at ABC. Normally I’d just run past ABC and chicken out, however the same stomach pains would have ended my run almost instantly anyway.

Jumped into the slow lane, right next to Renee who said she was ‘good for 2km’. Slowly, I knocked out my laps in isolation, rotating between moments of comfort and extreme cold. Mentally, I broke it into 10x200m rather than the usual 4x500m. It seemed to work and before long, the job was done.

2km in 39 flat. 

Had a strange craving for roast chicken on my 2km jog back to the office. A craving easily resolved with a stop-over at Woolies. Perhaps it was the fact that I was so cold?

Off to Melbourne with the girls tomorrow. 18 hours for the bug to pass. We’ll see.

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