ABC Swim – 1.7km

ABC Swim – 1.7km

AM – Strength

Tougher 30 min X-training (or strength) in the morning. Generally, I’ll alternate 60s sets between bodyweight (e.g. burpees) and various 16kg Kettlebell routines which I’ve harvested off youtube. Starting to notice small gains such as a lower HR during the sets, willingness to go >15 minutes and less residual soreness. No idea if this helps the running. For now I’ll stay in the same weight and focus on technique.

Followed up with a 6km jog into work via Blackwattle.

PM – Swim

Soaring temp, no wind and a Friday. Simply criminal not to get in the pool and I suspect half of HuRTS had the same idea. Saw a few non-regulators such as Christian, Renee and Hipster Chris already splashing around. To my right (fast lane) the usual guys were knocking out intervals. I can never bring myself to join them.

Slipped into the medium lane and fumbled my way to 1.7km. Very uneventful and at an intensity that does not qualify as exercise. One of the most fun swims I’ve had in a long time.

Joined Christian for a c/d job around Opera House. The guy has had a big year of marathons, having just done Sydney and deserves a break. Hence he is swimming.

Tomorrow, just an easy Bay Run with Jeet and Jacki-O.


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