ABC Swim 1k TT (18:36)

ABC Swim 1k TT (18:36)

Friday – Swim

Lovely day for a swim. Met Champ, Pete at the Pillars with the goggles in hand and we jogged over to ABC for the November 1K TT.

Slipped into the RHS medium lane and got straight into it whilst the main bunch did their own staggered start. Happy to almost have my own lane aside from a few noobies that forced me into a few passes after 600m. 1k itself was a non-event. I battled with leaky goggles (need a new pair) and swallowed my fair share of water.

1k in 18:36. Perhaps a good 15s off my TT two months ago. Not unexpected given my lack of drills, consistency and low end of season fitness. Finished up with 500m warm-down before chatting to the likes of Timmy, YC, Champ, Pete, Liam etc on our way out.

Had sharp stomach pains in the afternoon at my desk, which normally happens when I swallow pool water. Whoops!

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