Easy Friday. No choice really rolling off 3 hrs sleep. Still, my continuous day challenge foolishly pitted again Truscott (and Tom) continues.

Down at ABC with the team at lunch after a short jog to Art Gallery then down the hill to the pool. I really did consider circumventing the swim but the 24 degree temp felt acceptable. Crossy, Coach Walker, Eoin, Champ and Charlie L were setting up whilst I slipped into the slow lane. 2km was the plan and I mentally carved this up into 10x200m reps.

Decent rhythm today with 1km in 18:50. Scrappy thereafter shown in 20:00 for the next 1km. A final 100m warm-down was paraded upon by the HuRTS team as they finished up some brutally intense set. I gave Gus a verbal serve all in good humour. 2.1km all up.

2.5km cool-down jog with Charlie L and Sammy J around farm cove. I think that qualifies as a run? Legs feel decently recovered, which was always the plan.

Big weekend of 10km racing with NOTB members battling the hilly Fairfax-sponsored Sun Run (Charlie, Barts, Lewis, Tom). All others will be at the lower profile Striders Homebush (Timmy, Sammy, Eoin, Neil, R WOo). If I can get the girls out, I’d love to set a low 34 min flat benchmark at Homebush.

Lorie has proposed I invest in this device from the US. Looks good but costs US$750….



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