All good on the recovery

All good on the recovery

Surpassed my expectations by pulling up just fine from Sunday’s marathon.

Sunday pm – Molly needed a ‘walk’ and after getting some food back in the body, I felt just fine. 6km at 6:00 min/km near home. A funny stitch came about which is similar to what I battled with 0-8km in the race. Later that night, felt dehydrated.

48km for the day.

Monday – just an easy 35 min down via the canal. 5:30s. Legs feel heavy but few signs of niggles. Despite this, I played it safe by cutting the run after 40 minutes. O yes, and I did some strength training before the run. 20 minutes, mainly core and arms.

7km all up.

Tuesday – why not get back into? 6km jog into work. No issues there and not really a case of DOMS either.

At lunch, it was an easy decision to avoid the Farm Cove reps with HuRTS. Joined Wooey for an easy recovery out to Barangaroo via the wharves. We circled back around Farm Cove seeing the crew complete the tail of their set. Really nice to bank 11km at 5:00s with few (if any) signs of stress.

5km jog home. My god it is cold but there were other crazy runners out there. I ran back with Jeff who picked me up traversing across Pyrmont. Nice guy, lives close, is apparently my Strava buddy, ran UTMB/6FT and occasionally trains with HuRTS. I’ve encouraged him to make himself more known to the team.

Probably 20km plus for the day. Whilst I need to respect the mara recovery, so far so good. I’ll stay off speed until C2S.

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