I’ve changed the cross-training routine from 3-4 sessions of 30 min per week, to 5 sessions of 15 min. Shorter and higher intensity, working off 90s cycles with a short rest in between each set. I figure I need to keep shifting my routine else the body adapts too quickly. Wed/Thur/Fri – a hat trick of cross-training.

Wednesday – not much improvement in the right ITB. Rolled out at lunch hoping just to survive the 60 min (OK maybe I am being dramatic). Joined HuRTS on the usual run around the water. Most of the time I just trotted along catching up with the Frenchman Jerome. Great guy. Broke off at Barangaroo having clocked up a healthy 13k.

Thursday – whilst a lot of the crew were knocking out Mona Fartleks around Hickson Road, I jogged out to Barangaroo with Dougal and Wooey from work. Neither of them lasted long at 5:10s. This was massively frustrating and on the way back at 5k, I dropped them. Kept strides with Timmy Lindop for about 60s before once again returning to Walsh Bay wharves.

Felt the need to spin the legs over about 8k in. Started my own fartlek consisting 40s on, around 30s off. This got me back to OPT whereby I did another 15 min of this same activity. I counted around 18x40s run-throughs at 80pc effort.

Hips started to complain which was my cue to return. 13k all up.

Friday – same as Monday. Ran out to Pyrmont with Sam with a few to just filling out my 60 min lunch break. Lovely weather. 13.5k all up.

Took Lorie out for our 4 year anniversary at Kepos Street Kitchen after securing a babysitter. We’ve never been for dinner. The Kingfish main and a Knafeh dessert were the highlights. The later is a Middle-Eastern classic consisting oven roasted, sugar-coated crispy noodles, haloumi and crushed pistachio.



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