No need to do speed work today as I did some short sprints yesterday. The current thinking is to focus a little more on core, back and flexibility (?) rather than outright running. To that end, I did the following:

– 60 min cross-training: firstly pure bodyweight (dips, push-ups, burpees, spot running etc), followed by kettlebells. I’ve found a use for the 20kg, 16kg and 12ks in various manners. New favourite is a ‘bent over row‘. Only time will tell if this cripples my back or the opposite.

– 60 min recovery run with Molly. Broadly speaking a CW loop of the Bay Run. In the last 15 min my stomach felt really weak. 12k all up.

The plan from here is either (i) don’t even think about racing, or (ii) selectively race some shorter distances like SMH Half, GC Half (?), C2S.


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