Assault on Mount Wellington

Assault on Mount Wellington

Assault on Mount Wellington

Plan A) was to climb Mt Wellington (MW) with Trinity and Lorie on Saturday. Plan B) was fruit picking. We did Plan B) – fruit picking. That basically meant I could work some part of MW into my Sunday LR.

Forgot to research what it actually means to do Hobart CBD – Mt Wellington Base – Peak – Return. Headed in the general direction of the peak at 7am and before long (2k) my quads were already crying. Couldn’t tell at the time but that because the climb actually starts the moment you leave the CBD.

Got to Fern Tree Tavern nearing 10k and really was close to turning back home. Changed my mind when a few cyclists came by and followed them onto a road the kicks up towards the Peak. What I didn’t know is its a winding 12k grind up to the 1.1k tall peak.

Spent the next 60 min in a steady-state of fatigue. Found multiple groups of cyclists all in the hurt locker. Ironically at this gradient (every K is ~80m ascent), riding is no faster than running. So I paced myself chasing people on a bike.

The above photo is 3k from the summit. Can’t quit there as the views only get better. I finally hit the peak having put my quads through 20k of a steady incline.

After a quick few photos, I looked for a free shuttle/cab and even considered hitch hiking my way back to the hotel. No luck.

Luckily running downhill is easier albeit hard on my quads. Maintained 4:20s all the way home which is quite relaxed running down a Mountain. The nasty point about the whole run is there are no footpaths and lots of blind corners. Having successfully climbed the mountain and not being run over, I rolled back into town feeling a little thirsty but in good spirits.

Touch over 40k at 4:45s. 1,263m elevation gain. I suspect this training is good for hilly marathons. Also no problem being out for over 3 hours without water/gels.

To recap, 140k for the week including Tuesday hills, Thursday tempo and today’s massive LR. An easy week is scheduled working off a 4 week training load.


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