Auckland Wharves

Auckland Wharves

Down in Auckland for work suffering from withdrawal exercise symptoms. Charlie was in a similar predicament and the result was a nice and easy 11km.

Start point near Queens St intersection with the wharves. Headed West along the water to the North Bridge where we discovered you can’t cross as a pedestrian. Headed under, turned at 30 min and retraced the steps. Felt pretty ordinary and in fact I was dropped in the last 2km.

11km in 55 min. I reckon this city will get boring very quickly from a run route perspective…

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One thought on “Auckland Wharves

  1. MikeL

    The run to Mission Bay is nice heading east along the waterfront. Otherwise my old fave run from the city was to try and bag as many Volcano summits as possible. Mt Eden, Mt Hobson, Mt St John, One Tree Hill and the Domain are all pretty close. See If you can get all 5.

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