Australia Day

Australia Day

Wednesday – Centennial

Quite sore in the glutes perhaps due to those big weekend hills. Headed out at lunch to Centennial along with Wooey, Champ, Elle, Renee and a few of the other Telstra guys. A very cookie cutter 13k recovery in mild conditions. 

20k for the day with the benefit of a jog home.

Thursday – Pramming

Did not run in the AM which is very odd for me. Instead I did some long overdue cross training with the Kettlebell set and crapload of burpees. 30 min. 

PM – so after achieving my true goal of a sub 230 marathon last April I’ve actually been pondering what the next step entails. If it’s not a  sub 225 then the only other option is a Pram Marathon.

After some internet research I concluded that I simply must own the Phil & Teds Sub-4 running pram. No bells and whistles, just pure speed with zero every day practical use. 

$1000 is not cheap but I figure you can’t put a price on quality dad time with Trinity. This was delivered last night from NZ and boy was I excited. 

I then loaded an 8kg weight into the seat armed with emergency biscuits and nothing else.

Planned to meet Hipster Chris at USYD at an awkward 2pm for a pram date (Chris is an avid pram runner). Sadly his little one Rolo was a no show and so it was two blokes and one baby.

Course was USYD, Chippendale, Blackwattle then into Pyrmont before heading back to Lilyfield via Balmain Rd. Over the run my key thoughts were:

– Trinity clearly loves it giving me confidence she can survive 2hrs 

– steering is hard, dodging pedestrians is annoying and I am really slow uphills

– Chris needs to stop being a tightarse and buy a house near the Bay Run such that I have a pram companion

Overall pace was 5.00s but I think with training I can improve fast. Got back having gifted Lorie 90 min alone time and banking a free 18k. Here are further photos.

Looking forward to an easy work day with a 15k odd run at lunch tomorrow. Legs recovering nicely.

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