Back in Sydney

Back in Sydney

Sunday – Late Recovery

Had the early flight which really threw off my running plans. Got back to Sydney and managed to sneak in a pre-lunch recovery run visiting the following Inner West Areas: Glebe, USYD, Marrickville and Leichhardt. Was probably out there a good 80 min holding 4:30s.

Monday – Wharves

The usual wharves run. The crew was massive today with surprise appearances from Timmy, Renee, Jac, Eoin, Yum Cha, Brendan and a dozen others. To be honest my foot soreness has appeared again, but it’s way better than 2 weeks ago. The issue lies in my right ITB.

Ended up touching the green door at Barangaroo with Renee and taking the short route back via Hickson to CQ. By then most people had dropped off.

Covered 14k at 4:40s.


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