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Back to Centennial

Body clock is being thrown off by DST. You wake up, it’s dark but the watch reads 6:30am?

So that’s my excuse for missing not just the 6:30am start, but also the 7am CP. 8km to the start point which at 5:00s means 40 min. Lumbered into the park and decided to play chase. 1/2 the inner loop then back out with the team nowhere to be found.

By Alison Rd, I was closer to 4:10s feeling strong. Found them before the turn! 15-strong led by Neil, Jeet, Brendan K, Brendan F then some 40m back, Birchy with the girls Sonya and Jackie O. Determined to keep playing chase, I ran past, circled back and it was 3km later by Fox Studios did I pass the first straggler in Kanser. Poor guy was battling.

Pushed through the ranks happily at 4:10s. Awkward pace as it’s neither tempo nor easy LR. Next up was multiple inner white fence. Boring but nice on the legs. By now it was too late to slow so I picked off Neil, Birchy, Brendan and finally Renaud on 3 laps.

After #3, I was done and so was the team. Jeet, Renaud, Birchy and Neil were all slumped on the stairs. Brave efforts given the heat and you’d be silly to do 35km today.

Cool-down involved a short jog over to Redfern to meet Lorie and Trinity. Fanastic run and even better brunch.

Pretty knackered from a big week of mileage, though no quality. Will be recovering over in Auckland for a few days. Looking forward to some harbour views.

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