Back to normal

Back to normal

Saturday – so it was time to get Kevin to look at my hip which was scheduled to occur at 1.30pm. Figured Sunday would be a write off as I always need 24 hours to recover. My deduction the long run had to happen on Saturday. So be it.

Met Champ before the rain came down at Le Montage. Snuck in 10k around Petersham before the meet time leaving me another 20k to do. Legs actually felt quite good after yesterday’s rest. Completed two laps of the Bay Run at 4.45s with company. Went reasonably fast and so mentally the last 5k solo was easy to do. Returned home with 30k banked and modest hip soreness.

Kevin was pretty aggressive on the ITB and glute. He says the later was spasming which in turn is aggravating my nerve. Hope it is fixed.

Sunday – pulled up less sore than expected. Long run already done so I did what I have achieved in prior Saturday mornings.

That is, 6k run to Pyrmont, 2k easy laps at IT and 6k return. It was pissing down but that doesn’t matter due to IT being so warm. I love it.

Monday – out with HURTS for a standard wharves run. Pretty skinny turnout. Renee, Marko, Eoin and Yum Cha for company.

Snuck off at the end of the wharves as I didn’t want to push the Ks too hard given the massage was barely two days ago (it is easy to twist my hips up before they heal). 12k all up.

Cute photo of El, she is my new favourite daughter.

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