Bad Weather, Bad Hammy

Bad Weather, Bad Hammy

Hammy incrementally worse – tighter and tighter and no amount of self-massage nor staying away from speedwork has reversed this.

My obvious undoing has been M7, then C2S without a proper massage to release the knots. The emergency massage is booked for tomorrow. Yay.

Thursday – actually tried some stretching in the AM before my 6km jog to work. Did little. Lunch- skipped the hills + tempo set at the Domain Hills and headed down to CP with Champ. A nice run as we ran up Oxford St, cut down Moore Park Rd then a CCW loop. After seeing Champ off at Bondi J, I headed back into the CBD. The guy wanted to try some shoes on – did not ask if it was high heels?

Hamstring was bothering me for most of the run. 15km all up.

Friday – a suggested NOTB adventure with Renee, JO’C and Hipster Chris. A hilly little affair where I guided them around to my all time favourite viewing spot in Cremorne Point. Had to defend myself after a few complaints from the girls re the hills.

Thanks to the good company and chat with Chris re all-things-hipster in Redfern, I ignored my stiffness as per yesterday. The real disaster was starting my Garmin 25 into the run. If it is not on Strava, it does not count. Guesstimate, 13km all up. 20km for the day (ran in).

Tomorrow, run date with Neil around the Bay Run and Blackwattle, then off to see Kevin for my long awaited massage.


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