Balls Head Hills

Balls Head Hills

20 min strength work before 6:30am deliberately keeping a low intensity. The usual stuff (burpees, KB swings, TGUs and core exercises). It’s the only way to warm the body before heading out the door.

At lunch, Coach Tim’s orders were to do 50% of the 45 min tempo. Never made it to the start. I am a poor student indeed and struggle to follow a programme.

Headed NOTB with YC, Charlie and Damien towards the Ball’s Head area. YC, upon hearing this started stressing (as he always does). After 10 min of complaints that the hills are too much, he turned and headed home. Three of us kicked on winding our way through several Ks of stairs, climbs and trails that spat us out near Waverton.

Really good fun in fantastic weather. The hills actually make this a great strength building run. We dropped Damien back at North Syd, then looped around to Kiribilli for one last hill. The flu was forgotten and I was relishing every climb. Closed out the run with a 1.5km surge along the bridge. Felt like 3:40s.

14km in 80 min. Strava says 450m elevation! Overall a long lunch, new trails explored which is the benefit of a boss that runs.

Legs are now very tired from another 20km plus day but I’m completely niggle free. That’s where I want to be.

A new first for Rini… furniture standing.


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