Balmoral Avocado On Toast – Overpriced

Balmoral Avocado On Toast – Overpriced

Boxing Day

Very excited that my brother, Matt, is back in town after being MIA – in Canada eh – for two years. He’s a bloody quick runner, better than I and so I was keen to see where he is at.

Arranged to meet at Milson’s Point 6:45am and from there head over to Balmoral for breakfast. Set out from home nice and early feeling pretty knackered from the prior day’s 90 min rolling hills and a round of Tennis. Took the Blackwattle Bay route, through Pyrmont and into the CBD. By chance I found Eoin on the bridge who in the end, acted as our guide to Cremorne Pt. A good chance to intro Matt to a local NOTB HuRTS runner before the two of us crested Mosman and completed a few more K down to the Beach.

Felt quite proud completing another solid hilly 90 min run (similar to yesterday). The bonus was 200m freestyle at the beach in open water. And that’s where the good mood ended. Sat at the cafe (Bertoni?) only to find:

– $18 avocado on toast
– $22 avacado and tomato on toast (called Bruschetta)
– $5.50 large coffee

Far out. Even worse was being asked if I was ‘Thai‘ by the Barista. Had to explain that I was from a distant land called Sydney West where you can acquire avo on toast for $10.

Tuesday – Cross-Training Bay Run

Sticky today. Stayed indoors for 45 min rotating between (i) burpees, (ii) basic Kettlebell exercises, (iii) bodyweight reps. Must’ve lost 2L water due to lack of circulation in the living room. My poor dog needs some love so I took Molly out for a Bay Run to cool down.

Near the doggy cafe, some hairy guy behind me started calling out ‘Franky’ and chasing me. What is going on? After 200m, I turned around to confront my stalker only to find out it was Neil Pearson.

It’s that thick Scottish accent! I think he was saying ‘Hoey’ or ‘Mikey’ or even ‘Molly’. I will never know. Anyway, a nice CCW loop of the Bay Run allowed me to get the run down of Neil’s fantastic 2:28 Marathon in Japan. The guy is amazing – 6 marathons in 2016.

Said my goodbyes at the IC bridge – Neil off to do 400s – as I headed to Tramsheds for some shopping. Therefore the last 2Ks was the hardest as I had the following to contend with as I jogged:

– 1.5k of meat
– 3 tubs of yogurt
– artisan bread

Arms dropped off just as I rounded out 14km for the morning. To summarise, 45 min strength and 70 min recovery.

Here is Trinity with her cousins…

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