Barangaroo 1 min Efforts

Barangaroo 1 min Efforts

Well when I back off the mileage I find other methods of entertainment.

AM – 15 min of non-leg core work. Dips, push-ups, KB swings and a little bit of floor exercises. Mon/Wed/Fri triple – arms are more sore than legs.

With the upper body done, I moved to the saddle (ie commute). This was the usual long way around USYD, Redfern, Surry Hills and into the CBD. As I passed The Domain, it was so early I thought ‘why not do a bricks set‘. Parked the bike, jogged 20 min at a measly 6:00s. Sort of nice, but a stark reminder why I don’t do triathlons.

Lunch – 2 days, 2 speed sets. This week I’m training like a track athlete.

Erika invited me along for a very specific session: 4km w/u, 6x1min efforts x 2 with a 60s float and 3 min break in between the sets, then 3km c/d.

My thoughts? Wow, that’s very experimental. Birchy was similarly curious and joined us down at Barangaroo.

What I worked out was this set is a 24 min tempo (60 on 60 off) with an optional 3 min float in between. High variability today – 3:10s on the ‘on’s and slower than 4:00s on the ‘offs’. Started to feel the fatigue in the legs just as the set came to an end.

After the c/d back to CQ, I was highly pleased to see 14km at 4:26s. The whole idea of back to back sessions is to incite some late season speed. I’m due for a good 10km and JPM CC.

Erika looks in dangerously good form for Melbourne half.



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