Sticking to this week’s mandated recovery period, which typically should be thrown in every 4 or 5 weeks. In my view, it’s best not to let injury guide the timing of easy weeks.

With the rain (and cold), I was hungry for some AM strength work to warm the body. Still fixated on optimising a 15-20 min workout that revolves around burpees, mountain climbers and my expanding kettlebell repertoire. Effort-wise, today was 7/10. Rather than jogging into work, I jumped on the bike in the wet. Dangerous, miserable.

Lunch, out with Richard W better known as Wooey. A good easy run around the wharves ending at Barangaroo. We passed HuRTS several times who were smashing 6x1km reps. Dedicated bunch of people.

Seeing this propelled me to complete the run with 8x150m strides down the end of Barangaroo. A good loosener before a jog back to work.

12km at 4:50s. Feeling mildly better today albeit well below what 3 prior easy days would suggest.

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