Two days of largely the same routine as I try to balance sleep deprivation and my love for a 60 min lunch time run.


Once again I skipped the HuRTS set of Broken Miles at OPT. Poor effort, but then again I don’t really have anything to train for. Met Champ, Gary, Brendan and Christian at the usual spot on Macquarie Street and we went the default Monday route. Saw the gang knocking out the intervals around Hickson Road and frankly felt sorry for them.

Stopped over at Barangaroo and convinced the Telstra chaps to join me for 120m run-throughs. I did 10, Champ 8 and Gary 6. I win. Jogged back through the CBD to round out 13.5k in 60 min.


Really enjoyed my run-throughs yesterday, so I did it again. Luckily I had Wooey joining me today in cracking ‘Spring-like’ temperatures. Didn’t really see anyone else today. The course was an out and back from OPT to Barangaroo with the run-throughs at the same point. Similar intensity to yesterday.

12.5k all up.

I then ran home today with Christian, who himself doubled up for the day. I think he’s on track to have a real shot at 3 hours for the M7 Marathon less than 3 weeks away.

Photo of the day is a little split image of Elora (left) and Trinity (right) taken by the missus. Both at 5 weeks old.

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