Barangaroo 800s

Barangaroo 800s

5 min continuous burpees – as bad as it sounds but did not stop me from trying. Too buggered to run into work after that experience.

Lunch – first time in many months I’ve legitimately been able to double up after Tuesday (with all the junk I do). Again, skipped HuRTS (4x2km down Hickson) for my own variation.

Started with a 5km w/u somewhat helped by the company of Erika, Lambert and JFen (who were there for HuRTS). Then, it was time for 800s starting near the Barangaroo Tunnel (400 to the turn, then loop back). Love the wooden boardwalk!

All up, 6x800s generally at 3:25s with a 20s rest. Saw Erika, Scott nearby along with a bigger HuRTS contingent as they rest post #1 and #3. Happy to end in a 2km c/d with Erika and Renee back to CQ.

13.8 at 4:20s.

PM – reinvigorated from my lunch effort (few signs of fatigue). 8km jog home via Parramatta Rd. Lots of dodging late night shoppers.


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