Barangaroo 800s

Barangaroo 800s

The 800s were moved to Barangaroo due to Timmy Lindop’s deteriorating relationship with the angry groundskeeper at Rushcutters. Renee convinced me turn up (via email) and so I did despite being completely knackered from Tues/Wed. The stiff winds and onset of rain did my motivation no favours. I’d say the turnout was a little light-on and right now there’s tonnes of guys I don’t recognise.

So all I did was hang onto group 1 (of 2) on 4 min cycles. You could say I was spat out the back every time, though it’s easy to regroup due to the rest. Got to 4x800s in one piece which was my goal. Once I saw Hipster Chris pushing a pram for the 800s with his 11 month old, I knew I had no excuse. I doubled that, then Scotty, at the end of #8, said if you are doing Melbourne, then 10 is required. The last 2 were solo…

There are two positives from today:

  • Legs felt worse at the start at 3:30s
  • Closing splits were 10k pace (3:15s)

15.8km at 4:08s.

A run home with Christian saw me get to 21km for the day. Nice and slow.

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