Barangaroo 800s

Barangaroo 800s

An alternate to Rushcutters in 400s at Barangaroo. How can I saw no to a meet point at ice-cream van? There was Yum Cha, Crossy, Jeet and Gleeso.

It takes YC 10 min of stressing re meet points, course accuracy, pacing, ideal start location, recovery cycle. Less talk, more run was my response.

The set was 15x 400s marked by the 400m stretch near the Hickson bend out to the southward turn. I like 8x800s at a more relaxed pace and a short rest (maybe 20s).

Crossy, Jeet, Gleeso and YC (good for <10) worked on their own cycle whilst I happily held 3:25s. The guys were each in great form. #8 came by pretty fast but it was time to quite while ahead.

6.4km at 3:30s. I swear it was faster! Pleasingly I feel in a much better state today. Amazing was low mileage of 12km/day allows. Short c/d with Crossy and Jeet back to CQ. Tom was spotted in secret training mode and I’d hate to be the guy lining up in London against him.

12km all up.

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