Barangaroo 8x1k Reps

Barangaroo 8x1k Reps

Despite the pouring rain, it was the cool change that made for some fun 1k reps starting at Barangaroo Gates. Jogged around for 3k with Erika before joining the usual suspects at 12.30pm. The 1k set bring us to the straight near the final bend at the south end. The team also decided to work off 5 min reps. For me that meant somewhere around 105-120s rest.

Nick Roberts is clearly the in form runner as he was hammering 3 min splits 8x over and no one could get near him. I found myself loitering for the first half with a fairly fast .chase group – Quentin, Tom Lee, JFen, Toby all of whom are 33-34 type 10k runners. Legs probably came good by rep 3 and despite my perceived effort being the same, I was surprised that my pace was progressing and in fact I was moving though the field.

Went hard for rep 5 and even led the field for rep 6 hitting sub 3min/k pace (beating Nick). By that time the job was done, allowing me to ease back on the last 2 sitting behind Mike Li and JFen once again at half mara pace..

Splits: 3.23, 3,15, 3,14, 3,06, 3,03, 2,56, 3,23, 3,09

First time (ever?) I have hit the sub 3 min K which has always been a big shortcoming in my running. Need to do more is this.

12k all up after a short cd with Nick. 18k for the day and I even did some weights that same morning!

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